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About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Alison Hewitt Counselling & Psychotherapy is an established specialist in the field of therapy. I aim to provide a protective place for you to explore your goals, safe in the knowledge that I am confidential.



Psychotherapy aims to help clients gain insight into their difficulties or distress, understand their motivation, and then with the help of their therapist find more appropriate ways of coping or bring about changes in their thinking and behaviour.

It is my job as the therapist to explore your problems/issues. Depending on the nature of the problem, therapy can be short or long term. It has several approaches, cognitive, affective, behavioral & physiological, because of this, and because every client I see is unique, I don’t go with one approach fits all. I prefer to see from my clients, which approach works best, and then go with that, initially to build rapport and understanding with my clients.

The one thing I always have in place in the sessions is a Relational approach, I concentrate what is going on between the client and me in the therapy session.

Sessions start with a talking format and  nearly always stay that way. If I feel any other technique will be beneficial, I always talk through what it is, why I feel it will help, and make sure you are happy with what we will do.




Individual..  £55.00 per 55 minute session.


Couple..  £110.00 per 110 minute session.


Groups..  as arranged by me.


Contract work.. as arranged by me.




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